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Department of Culture

+7 843 292 90 81

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Department of Culture of Executive Committee of Kazan Municipality is located at the address: 420111, Kazan, 25/15 Profsoyuznaya St, phone number: + 7 843 292 90 81, fax: + 7 843 292 97 72.

Main activity of Department of Culture is entailing managerial responsibilities within its competence in the implementation of culture issues of local significance, namely management library services for the population, creation conditions for leisure activities and provide services of cultural organisations to Kazan residents, protection and preservations of cultural heritage objects (the monuments of the history and cultures) of local (municipal) significance located within the boundaries of city.

Integration of Kazan in All-Russian and world cultural environment takes place due to major events.

These events were already a brand –

  • Aksenov-fest provides an opportunity for young poets and novelists to show their creativity to famous writers of Russia.

  • Kazan International Festival of Muslim Cinema (KIFMC) attracts annually to Kazan cinematographers from neighbouring and more distant countries under the theme “From a culture of dialogue to dialogue of cultures”.

  • International Opera Festival named after F.Shalyapin speaks of Kazan as of the world centre of opera in many countries worldwide. 

  • Festival of Classical ballet named after R.Nuriev, held annually in Kazan, reached far beyond the boundaries of republic and Russia. A large number of prominent persons participate in it.

Every year different events, devoted to New Year’s Day, Victory Day, traditional national Tatar holiday “Sabantuy”, the Republic Day, Kazan City Day, and others make Kazan a very colorful and attractive city. Tatarstan Capital city is a place of the International festivals “Classical guitar in the XXI century”, Improvisational Music “Jazz in the Sandetsky Manor”, All-Russian festival of Dance Performance “Telovidienie”, the chamber ballet “Pantera”, and others.