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28.08.2018, 15:32

I. Metshin about the boulevard on Fuchik Street: “10 years ago people asked benches, now we have a European promenade”

(KZN.RU, August 28, Alsu Safina). Today, Ilsur Metshin, the Mayor of Kazan, got acquainted with the progress of the boulevard fr om the Pobedy Prospect to Fuchik Street. Now the work is completed by 60%. The work on laying pavers, planting 200 trees and 2 thousand shrubs, installing small architectural forms is carried out. The head of the city noted that after improvement of the area, the Azino-2 will be transformed and become more comfortable for residents.

One of the entrance areas of the boulevard is located next to the house №100 in Pr. Pobedy, wh ere the facade is undergoing major overhaul. The facade of the house built in 1999 was in emergency condition, and in 2016 major repairs were started there.

The overhaul is being carried out in stages. Iskander Giniyatullin, the deputy head of the Executive Committee, said that this year 5 out of 12 entrances will be repaired. The works in the rest of the house will be continued in the future.

The general contractor of the works is the OOO SMP “"Portal”, a subcontractor organization is the OOO “Lesta-Story”. I. Giniyatullin noted that now the weather favored the repair works, in general, it is planned to finish the works at the 12 entrance in the autumn.

The Mayor of Kazan noted the importance not only of the facades insulation during the overhaul, but also the provision of security for the residents of the house.

After that, the head of the city walked along the boulevard. The developer of the draft project was the creative group at the Kazan City Hall. The developer of the working documentation is the OOO “ArkhiStroyProject”. The contractor organization is the OOO “"Greenstan”.

The project of the boulevard’s improvement was developed taking into account the wishes of residents of Azino-2, who took part in public hearings. This included the location next to the boulevard of the teenage club “Avangard”, schools, institutions of additional education, kindergartens.

Daria Tolovenkova, the deputy chief architect of Kazan, said that there is a playground in a natural style on the boulevard, with natural cover and lighting, with small but essential functions. The central square will be at the intersection of all major pedestrian flows with a pergola and landscaping. After renovation, this area will become more comfortable and attractive for residents of different ages. Thus, there will be a youth amphitheater with illumination, swings, and sports elements near the teenage club “Avangard”.

In general, it was important for the improvement of the boulevard to divide the car and pedestrian zones, and to fill this space with color. The residents themselves asked for more bright sunspots. It was decided to bring them on the facades of buildings and the paving stones. In addition, the designers played with the color and decoration of small architectural forms, which will be as simple, convenient, and ergonomic as possible.

Igor Kulyazhev, the deputy head of the Executive Committee and the chairman of the Committee for External Improvement, said that the work is now completed by 60%. Now there is a complete covering of the site for dog walking, side stones, paving stones and wooden decking are being installed, as well as automatic flooding systems, outdoor lighting and video surveillance systems, an amphitheater are being installed. It is planned to plant about 200 trees on the boulevard with an area of 3.27 hectares, apple, rowan, linden. and others and about 2 thousand flowering bushes.

It is expected that by the middle of September, asphalt, pavers and wooden flooring will be laid and more than half of small architectural forms will be installed.

The head of the city noted that due to the improvement of this boulevard, the micro-district will be transformed. “This is another Azino-2”, said I. Metshin, assessing the work.

“The project was discussed with the population. It is very pleasing. I hope that in reality the project will be even better”, said the Mayor. “I remember well how they made a walk around here 10 years ago: there was no, landscaping, people asked to plant trees and place benches. Now there is the European promenade. We will proceed to the improvement of other micro-districts”.

Rustem Gafarov, the head of the Sovetsky district administration, Dmitry Anisimov, the chairman of the Housing and Communal Services Committee, representatives of contract organizations attended the event.

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The inspection of the overhaul of the house №100 on Pobedy Prospect and landscaping of the boulevard on Fuchik Street
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28.08.2018 14:48
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